Natural healing for the soul

How can we deal with stress, anxiety, or emotional discomfort?

My process and understanding of psychological suffering is oriented by the nature-inspired teachings of Dr. Edward Bach, who in the 1930’s proposed that certain emotional states would be encoded in nature, which led him to produce essences derived from wildflowers, known as Bach flower remedies. As a botanist I feel particularly attracted by this view and my treatment includes the preparation of an individually-tailored Bach flower mixture for home use. What are the Bach flowers?

My intervention relies on person-centered therapy and consists in identifying unbalanced emotional states that may be causing psychological pain. How does person-centered therapy work?

Additionally, I offer the body oriented psychotherapeutical practice of laying-on of hands known as Healing Touch, which can also strengthen internal balance and can thereby harmonize with and support the goals of Bach flower therapy. What are the effects of Healing Touch?

At certain life circumstances, as the ones mentioned below, it could seem reasonable to find a quick psychological support. Click on them to read more about.

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